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The Story of Zod Jewelry

Welcome to Zod Jewelry. You are a one-stop-shop for in-house jewelry design, custom, and handmade jewelry manufacturing. We craft handmade gold jewelry using beautiful gemstones that bring sparkle and magic into your adorable life moments. From romantic gifts for your loved ones to treat yourself with a little bling, we've got the variety you're looking for.

I'm Fargol and I'm the proud owner of Zod Jewelry. I was born into a family of jewelers. My family has been involved in crafting jewelry for a long time from before I was even born. Growing up around all this creativity and jewelers' vision, I sought deeper to understand the sole purpose of jewelry.

Because of my strong interest in Jewelry design, I perused my education first in graphic design. Since I had such a strong attachment to jewelry, I decided to be a professional Jewelry designer and start making my designs. Therefore, I decided to continue my education at The Gemological Institute of America, GIA.

GIA is the world's most renowned and respected institution in the field of jewelry and gemstones with a worldwide presence. I graduated from GIA’s headquarters which is located in a small town in California, called Carlsbad.

2 years later, in November 2019, I graduated with 3 credentials as a gemologist, Jewelry Designer, and Applied Jewelry Professional with knowledge of over 200 types of Gemstones. I was at a whole new level, where I could see endless possibilities and applications in the line of crafting jewelry.

In 2020, I started a little Manufacturing studio in Downtown Los Angeles, where we carefully craft our pieces to sell them online on our Etsy shop. In our Manufacturing Studio, I Use computer-aided designing and Zbrush software to manage each angle and corner of a piece of jewelry. And with the help of about 10 other people, all the tasks like casting, filing, pre-polishing, laser soldering, setting, polishing, and rhodium plating are done on each piece of jewelry. Also, each step is quality controlled and each piece of jewelry is as shiny as the next, so you are competent hands! Our team works with transparency and gives the utmost attention to detail.

We hope you like Zod designs as much as we enjoy creating them.

Thank you so much for supporting small businesses across the country and around the globe. It means the absolute world to us!